5 Wedding Registry Essentials

Wedding Registry Essentials

As a recent bride myself, there are a few things that I am so glad we registered for. We used Zola for our registry, a site I can’t recommend enough because it is easy to use, an all-in-one wedding website and registry, and allows you to register for a combination of cash funds (like a honeymoon fund) and actual items from all different brands and stores. It’s easy to get caught up in the registering process, and select some things that you might not actually use or need. In order to avoid that, I thought I’d share my 5 favorite things we registered for:

Basic White Dishes

  • We got some really beautiful, totally simple, bone china, white dishes from Crate and Barrel (we went with the Bennett collection) on our registry, and they were the best decision. First, you can mix and match with anything because they are just basic and white. You can always add to the collection, and if you want your table to look a little more jazzy you can do placemats, napkins, etc. that add color and will never have to worry about the dishes matching. I already had some fun blue octopus patterned salad plates from Anthropologie, so the white settings work great with those! Can’t go wrong with white china. We got dinner plates, salad plates, appetizer plates and a serving bowl, but you could also add mugs and bowls if you need them!

Wedding Registry Essentials from the Sagebrush Lifestyle Blog

New Flatware - and more of it!

  • It’s amazing how lovely your set table can look with updated flatware. This is a decision that is worth making in person before you add it to your registry because it’s helpful to hold the different pieces in your hands to feel the weight and comfort. After going to Crate and Barrel to look at the options, we picked a pattern that felt modern yet classic that we will love for a long time (we went with the Shaw settings). The other thing we decided to do was to get 10 sets instead of the standard 8. We often have all the spoons or knives in dishwasher before we need to run it, so if you get new flatware think about how many pieces you would like to have!

Upgraded Linens

  • Linens are just one of those things that only last for so long before they look shabby. Especially if you are like me and like to wash your towels and sheets a lot, they don’t last forever before they get faded, frayed, etc.. We decided to use our registry as a great way to update the linens we have and to now have a backup set for the bedrooms and bathrooms! We got:

    • New towels - and I always ask for extra hand towels because I switch them out the most frequently!

    • New sheets - for the master bedroom and the guest bedroom!

    • New comforter - for the master bedroom only, and then we shifted our old one to the guest room, and now we have one extra in the close for when we have more guests and need to use the air mattress.

Travel/Adventure/Outdoor Gear

  • Weddings guests often love to give a couple an experience more than just an item. Although there are ways to register for different classes, trips, etc., one way to ask for gifts that feel more like experiences is by asking for travel/adventure/hobby gear. Here are some of the best things we asked for:

    • Jetboil camping stove - something we’ve always wanted but hadn’t bought ourselves!

    • Stainless steel wine tumblers with lids - for nights on the patio or for around the campfire.

    • Luggage - we got new carry-on bags from our registry that we will use for the honeymoon and for many trips in the future!

Honeymoon Fund

  • Even if you aren’t going on a big honeymoon right after the wedding, it’s really special to have some money set aside for a trip that you will take together eventually. It’s worth it to create a honeymoon fund and I think it’s great to make sure you earmark that money to do something special with it, and not just put it toward the cost of the wedding, etc.. Use it for special time together that you will remember.

Happy registering, my friends!