5 Steps to Get Your House Ready for Company

5 Steps to Get Your House Ready for Company from Sagebrush Lifestyle

We’ve all had the feeling - people are coming over (hopefully not unannounced) and you start to notice every bit of clutter and mess that you don’t want people to see. Have no fear! Follow these 5 simple tips to get your house ready for company so you can host any gathering in your home with pride and ease.

5 Steps to Get Your House Ready for Company - Sagebrush Events

1. Decide on location

Especially if you are getting ready on short notice for a party at your home, you might not have time to get every room perfect. Decide on where in the house you will entertain your guests to help you prioritize which areas need your attention. If you have time leftover, you can always clean other rooms, but start with the party area. And don’t forget, you can always close doors to bedrooms, your office, etc. if you aren’t entertaining in there and they aren’t ready to be shown.

2. Clear the surfaces

Before you truly clean or put anything out to serve, clear space and declutter. Go through the mail on the table, put away any unnecessary appliances on the kitchen counters, hang up the coats that are piled on a chair, put the remotes and magazines on the coffee table in a drawer. Simplify your space so guests feel that there is space for them! Plus, it’s a lot easier to wipe down surfaces when there is nothing on them.

3. Clear the paths

Consider the pathways your guests will be taking within your house. Where will they be entering your house? Where will they be walking to go to the restroom? Make sure the paths between the party spaces that your guests will be using are also tidy and clean.

4. Clean the bathroom(s)

If you don’t have time to do a lot of deep cleaning, prioritize the bathroom that your guests will be using. There is nothing yuckier than using the restroom at someone’s house to find hair in the sink, the toilet seat up, a damp, crumpled hand towel out. At the minimum, clean the toilet, pull the shower curtain closed, wipe down the sink and faucet, and put out a fresh hand towel. Bonus if you light a candle and have a nice soap and hand lotion out ready for your guests to use.

5. Set out drinks and nibbles

Especially if you need to buy yourself a little time to finish dinner, go get changed, or set the table, have a few things out for guests to help themselves right when they arrive and so they don’t have to wait on you to serve them. Set out wine glasses and uncork a bottle, place a tray with cocktail glasses, an ice bowl, and mixers on the bar, have a water pitcher and glasses already on the table. Have some snacks ready in case anyone is starving when they get there. Snacks can be simple - a bowl of mixed nuts, cheese and crackers, seasoned popcorn, or chips and salsa. Make sure to have some napkins or little plates nearby as well. If your guests have a drink and a nibble right away, they will be happy for a while!

Although entertaining can be a lot of work, it’s really lovely to invite people into your home. I hope these 5 steps help you to have your house ready for company in no time!